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"I have known Jennings for over 10 years in both a business and personal relationship. Jennings has excellent knowledge and strong experience in banking, credit, real estate, and finance. Furthermore, Jennings provided excellent service, was honest, and conducted himself with integrity. I would highly recommend him as an advisor to any business."

-J. Todd South
- Senior Executive Vice President at South Milhausen, P.A.

Our Process

"Breca utilizes a results-driven approach with a foundation of expertise and structure built on analysis, solutions, and metrics"


Each client is unique, and we begin by listening/learning and completing a situation analysis so we can craft a customized solution which treats the root cause of the problem and meets their unique needs. We employ a systematic approach as a vehicle to integrate desired processes with team accountability and collaboration. We apply this approach consistently from the strategic plan, to information dashboards, corporate scorecards, and line-level benchmarks analytics/metrics.


  • We perform a 30 minute free teleconference consultation to identify the need and define the scope of the assignment.
  • After the scope of the initial assignment is identified, we provide a team evaluation meeting between our team and the Client management team.
  • We follow up with a proposal for business diagnostic services based on the outcome of the evaluation process.
  • After engagement, we perform the appropriate business diagnostic and present the results to the Client management team.
  • At that time, problem solutions, implementation and feedback systems are finalized and executed. The scope of work and follow-up plan are addressed in an action plan organized into a master action register.


  • At its summary level, the turnaround process includes:
    • Performing a business diagnostic to evaluate the validity of the company.
    • Creating an out-of-court restructuring plan - simultaneously creating a pre-bankruptcy plan as a contingency in case the restructure attempt is circumvented.
    • Presenting the plan to creditors for approval.
    • Implementing the Plan of Reorganization.
    • Returning operational control to the CEO/Owner.
  • Based on the situation analysis diagnosis from our value-oriented approach, we create short and long term plans to deal with immediate and longer term needs.
  • Our #1 short term priority is always CASH, CASH, CASH – as the saying goes “out of cash, then out of business.” At Breca Capital LLC we use our experience and creativity to create cash in your empty bank accounts.
  • We specialize in out-of-court restructurings in an effort to limit reputation damage, business disruption, as well as the expense and cumbersome nature of the bankruptcy process. We use our turnaround diagnostic process to guide your business through the out-of-court restructure, raise cash reserves, right-size overhead, streamline operations, and restructure debt.

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