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"My referrals to Brett over the past fifteen years have yielded improved profitability for business owners who utilize his services and implement his strategic vision."

-Anne Kelley
- BankFirst

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Rapid growth creates significant opportunities, but also poses significant challenges which have historically been a leading cause of financial distress and business failure. We specialize in working capital, capital sourcing, and financing advisory for companies experiencing rapid growth. We specialize in growth advisory services in 3 stages: 1) RELIEF - companies in danger from the working capital, operations, and financing challenges caused by rapid growth; 2) PARTNER FOR GROWTH - no current danger, but desire to anticipate growth; and 3) SAFETY - no danger, but downside risk mitigation.


We are advocates for your business, and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service while retaining maximum flexibility. Breca offers a diverse range of diagnostic services to examine all aspects of your company in order to determine the problem, form a solution, and provide an action plan for implementation. From the preliminary analysis through problem resolution, we remain in constant contact every step of the way.


Strategic Planning


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We are not only advisors, we are also experienced C-level executives with real world experience as COO, CFO and CEO. We believe in management by example; we run to a problem rather than run from it, and we would never ask anyone to do anything that we would not do ourselves. In addition, our combined 40 years of banking experience allows us to understand the creditor's perspective, allowing us to look at the situation from all angles. As such, we have experiential knowledge of almost all business situations, and we can empathize with your unique situation. Our coaching & mentoring services provide the benefit of our expertise, experience, and strategic partners through an on-going relationship, custom tailored to your needs. Coaching & mentoring provides a relationship for accountability and continuous improvement.


At their core, businesses are built on the talents and resources of their owners/managers/employees. We understand that businesses also operate in a dynamic competitive environment where change and life cycles are a constant. We respect the complexity of business/family relationships involved in privately-owned businesses, and we specialize in management succession planning - from management succession plans to insurance, buy-sell agreements, and funding source planning.


Breca's team is acutely aware of the important role a company's Board of Directors plays in corporate governance and contributing valuable insights/contacts to Management and the core business. Well-rounded Boards are actively involved in the business and are composed of independent members in disciplines which compliment the company's industry/needs. We provide advisory services to analyze a company's Board - to ensure that the members are congruent with its needs and strategic plan. We have a deep bench of candidates to meet any need.


Breca Capital LLC and its strategic investors also make direct investments to buy businesses - please see our Private Equity/Note Purchase Criteria for additional detail. To avoid any conflict of interest, we make it clear from the beginning whether we will act as an advisor or an investor. In both cases, our experiential knowledge of running businesses sets us apart from other advisors.

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