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"As an attorney I have recommended clients to Brett who have hit a wall in their negotiations with lenders. Because of his banking background he is able to amazingly establish a rapport with the lender to re open the door to usually successful negotiations. I have also advised deadlocked legal entities to hire Brett to run the entities. The beauty of Brett is his quick wit, vast experience, management skills and engaging personality. Clients are happy because he charges less money than an attorney."

-Raymond J Rotella
- Esquire at Kosto & Rotella, P.A.

Turnaround Management Services

We offer the full continuum of consultation services for all types of companies in all types of situations, including:

  • Turnaround consultation

  • Business evaluation

  • Corporate triage

  • Capital sourcing

  • Independent oversight services

  • CEO coaching

  • Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)

  • Interim CEO/Management

  • Assignment for the benefit of creditors

  • Cash flow optimization

  • Pre-Bankruptcy planning

  • Expense reduction

  • Assistance with chapter 11 bankruptcy filing

  • Succession planning

  • Business liquidation/wind-down service

  • Restructuring/renegotiating existing debts

  • Chapter 7 liquidation

  • Assistance with debt related lawsuits

Experience with all of these services ensures that we are prepared for any circumstance with a commitment to the most efficient optimal outcome for all stakeholders

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